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What is NEACURH?

One of the regional divisions within NACURH is NEACURH (North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls). Since it is 100% student run and the numbers are smaller, it is able to help work closer to the colleges. A regional newsletter called "The Monthly Moose Calling" is sent out with informative articles and information to help schools succeed.

NACURH and its affiliates truly create a one of a kind organization. Along with all the business we conduct and the services we provide, we also give to our students something that just can't be explained. The energy and passion expressed at our conferences simply cannot be matched. When students who have taken part in NEACURH graduate they take with them not only leadership skills but memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

What are NACURH conferences and who can attend?

NACURH conferences come in two forms- regional and national. They provide many new opportunities to network, get great ideas for programs and improving ones leadership skills.

General Members can attend regional conferences. Executive Board officers are able to attend the national conferences.