Hey Red Go Green!
A month-long eco-adventure.
Hey Red, Go Green! is the Resident Student Association's cross-campus initiative for environmental awareness and promotion of sustainable campus lifestyles. For six weeks each spring, we host events covering water and waste management, energy conservation, alternative energy options, and much more. Activities include tie-dyeing old shirts, outdoor movie screenings, educational displays, and special arrangements with our on-campus dining locations.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Hey Red, Go Green! is the EcoHall Challenge, an inter-residential competition for energy conservation. Several of our residence halls compete against one another for the entire six weeks to minimize their energy usage and waste. In our 2010 competition, the energy reductions were enough to power two of the average U.S. home for an entire year! The entire program concludes at our annual Spring Fling celebration, where the winning residence hall is announced.

In November 2010, Hey Red, Go Green! was recognized as the Regional Program of the Year by NEACURH. At NACURH in May 2011, the program earned the Daniel Siler Program of the Year award.